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Willemijn Maas is the owner of Elemental Life. She offers Holistic Vitality & Career Coaching for ambitious women who want to have more energy & impact.

Cyclical Living, selfcare & creating structure in your (business-) projects are the cornerstones of her work.

She is the host of this Reclaim & Master Your Energy Summit.

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3 Key Strategies to More Energy & More Impact

Willemijn’s talk will be available RIGHT HERE on Mar 21st, starting at 7 am Pacific / 10 am Eastern / 3 pm CET.

Willemijn’s Free Gift to You:

I am going to choose 5 lucky winners for a free 1:1 consultation on how you can have MORE ENERGY, IMPACT & SUCCESS.

These calls will be 45 minutes each, and during the call I will give you personalised guidance & recommendations around how to create more energy in your life & have more impact in your work/business - a PERSONAL ENERGY AUDIT.

We go through the areas of life and determine together where you want to make changes that immediately increase your energy levels.

Think implementing Cyclical Living in your life & work, creating a business aligned with who you are, what steps to take to recover from burnout, streamline and structure your business processes in a very effective way… or whatever feels most pressing for you nos.

Please only apply for a free session with me if you are prepared to break through your blocks and grow to a different level of vitality & impact!

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Full bio

Willemijn Maas is a medical doctor, holistic vitality & career coach. She has a background in Psychiatry, business improvement & operational excellence, project management, and change facilitation.

Over the last few years she navigated a series of life events and health issues, guiding her to find a new way of being, both personally and professionally. She studied energy medicine practices for over 10 years, including cycle tracking, living with the Moon and the seasons, yoga & yoga therapy, which helped her heal from burnout and chronic pain. She decided to follow her heart and change careers to help others find healing too.

As a Certified Holistic Vitality Coach and Certified Happy at Work Coach, she now helps ambitious women who want to make an impact to manage their energy and business in a completely different way, so they can have more energy, health, success & abundance.

Willemijn is the owner of Elemental Life, a platform for women looking for holistic wellbeing and spiritual growth. She offers bi-weekly Moon Reports via email and articles about Cyclical Living & selfcare.

Through integrating medical scientific knowledge, yoga and meditation practices, and connecting to the natural cycles, she is determined to lead the way to empowerment and healing for other women, her two daughters, and to contribute to healing and restoration of the planet we live on.