Sophie Jane Mortimer

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Sophie Jane Mortimer is a soulful entrepreneur who helps women on a mission convey their important messages through aligned communication & marketing.

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From Illness to Sustainable Work-Life Balance through Cyclical Living

Sophie’s interview will be available RIGHT HERE on March 26th, starting at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm CET.

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Sophie is a soulful entrepreneur who has seen firsthand what passionate, well-resourced women can do when have the tools and support they need to live their soul work. They co-create the world we all want for future generations.

My name is Sophie and over the past decade I’ve built successful marketing strategies and launches for individuals, organisations, and inspiring projects, like the TreeSisters ‘Million Trees’ campaign and Red School‘s global menstruality movement.

Along the way, I’ve clarified an embodied, feminine, soulful approach to marketing which helps women change-makers to grow their audience, income and impact, with ease.