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Roanne van Voorst is an awarded writer, a social scientist (Ph.D), a podcaster and public speaker.

She is known for her revolutionary approach to productivity - the 4 Hour Work Day.

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Create your Best Work, in Less Time and Without Stress

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Roanne van Voorst is an awarded and internationally published writer, a social scientist (Ph.D), a podcaster and TedXspeaker. Her research has focused on performance under stress, and dealing with fear, and she has developed a hugely popular training and methodology that she calls 'stressfree productivity' that teaches people how they can create their best work – in much less time than they're used to, and without stress or overwhelm.

She is the host of the Focus Hour Podcast and offers different trainings around working with focus, and dealing with fear, and every month she creates a mini-podcast full of free inspiration about these themes. She is also the host of a free facebook group: The Focus Collective - a movement of people who want to get out of the ratrace, and work in a different, more energetically-aligned way.