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Dr. Marie is an anaesthesiologist, mystic, shamanic and energy healer, author, retreat facilitator, coach and world traveler.

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Awakening as a Path To Quantum Leap Your Journey to your Desired Reality and Release Guilt, Shame & Fear

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Dr. Marie is a medical doctor, who works as an anaesthesiologist, and she’s a mystic, shamanic and energy healer, spiritual guide, author, facilitator of sacred ceremonies and retreats, Creativity Coach, and World Traveler.

She helps high-achievers who have found themselves disconnected, overwhelmed and alone at the top, and who have lost their passion and drive to find their true higher purpose. She guides them in mastering their energy, intuition, creativity, and heart to help push humanity and the planet forward.

Marie is the Founder of Manifesting a New Matrix, Conscious Creativity Method and Reclaim Your Soul Power, and has worked one on one with some of the top thought leaders of our time. She guides those who are called to serve at all stages of their development.

Also, Marie is the author of Reclaim Your Gifts, and co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary.