Reclaim & Master Your Energy

This Online summit aired MARCH 21-29, 2019 - all 20 interviews are available for purchase below

Reclaim and Master Your Energy

Hosted and created by Willemijn Maas, MD, owner and founder of Elemental Life (

Sustainable Energy Management Strategies for Ambitious, Inspired Women

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Your energy is important

As an ambitious, inspired woman, you want to create impact. Whether it’s a business, a career, a warm family home for your children, you want to achieve it, and often, you have to do it all at the same time. But how do you manage it all? You’re exhausted, tired when you wake up, and overwhelmed by all the things on your plate. You are destined for so much more than hustling and micromanaging, you want to be more productive and create .

You are not the only one. Many women suffer from energy issues nowadays, that prevent them from having the impact they desire. Exhaustion, stress, chronic health conditions, burnout, adrenal fatigue, and other hormonal disturbances are rampant.

That is because we are living in systems and institutions that ask of us to override our cyclical nature.

How would it be if you could transform the relationship with time and energy in such a way that you won’t feel overwhelmed anymore? That you create whatever you want with ease and flow? To be successful and relaxed at the same time?


What you’ll learn

In this global online summit, 21 international, successful speakers will share their sustainable energy management strategies with you. You will learn how to :

  • implement practices that will increase your energy

  • be more productive in only 4 hours a day

  • shift your mindset around success, money, and productivity so you can actually have more abundance with less work

  • live with the natural cycles of the moon and the seasons in life and business so you will never have to hustle and grind anymore

  • go with the flow of your hormonal cycle and learn that you have feminine superpowers that you can use for your benefit

  • use yoga the way it fits you as a woman

  • use your intuition and your creativity to make focused powerful decisions

  • prevent burnout & illness short and long term

  • create a life and career you truly love


energy & health

Sustainable energy management enables you to rest and recover whenever you need to, to give yourself permission to rest, and to have time for self-care practices. This will enhance you energy levels, and can benefit your health, or improve medical conditions.


We have been told that in order to be productive, we need to work hard and be busy all the time, and that ‘doing nothing is lazy’. What if you discovered that this mindset actually makes you unproductive and undermines your health?


Shifting your mindset around success (so often associated with hard work, constant striving, and pushing through), will change your relationship with how you use your resources. It will help you to focus on the things that really pay off in terms of results.


What would you create if you had all the energy you can dream of? Imagine the impact you would have in the world, in your company or with your business, and the powerful example you be for other people? The world really needs your gifts!



During this summit, 21 international experts & thought leaders will teach you how they manage their energy to achieve many amazing successes in business and life. Ranging from being successful entrepreneurs, writing books, healing from health issues, to start global movements… what they all have in common is that they shifted their perspective on energy management, success, and productivity in such a way that they are able to do all the things they want, in less time, and with more impact.

Below you can find all the speakers who will be speaking at this amazing global online event!

I’m Willemijn, your host for this summit!


After crashing into severe physician burnout, I transitioned from a traditional career as a Senior Medical Doctor and Operational Manager in a corporate healthcare company to a self-employed Holistic Vitality & Career Coach for women. I have been interested in feminine practices for over 15 years, including cycle tracking, and living with the Moon and the seasons, and healed myself from burnout and chronic pain with the help of these practices. 

In the Spring of 2017, I started Elemental Life, a platform for women looking for holistic wellbeing. Elemental Life offers coaching and online programs to ambitious women to help them with energy management issues like overwhelm, stress and burnout, and career challenges & transitions. Cyclical Living & Sustainable Energy Management are the cornerstones of my work.

Through sharing knowledge about the body and mind, yoga therapy practices like meditation, astrology, and connecting to the natural cycles, I help ambitious, inspired women reclaim their energy so they can make the impact they are longing for.

I’m determined to lead the way to empowerment and healing for other women, my two daughters, and to contribute to healing and restoration of the planet we live on.

Your Host

Willemijn Maas, holistic Vitality & Career Coach