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Aisling Fitzgibbon is a certified holistic nutritional practitioner who helps her clients heal from chronic illness and fatigue through plant-based eating and energy medicine practices.

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Energy Management and Holistic Nutrition

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Aisling Fitzgibbon is a certified holistic nutritional practitioner. She runs an online Holistic Nutrition Coaching Practice and has a monthly membership called Energy is Your Currency.

She holds a B.A in Early Childhood Studies and a first class (BSc) degree in Occupational Therapy. Over the past decade she studied holistic health and nutrition extensively, and has also specialised in several energy medicine practices, for example Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Belvaspata Healing Modality.

She helps clients through the work of Medical Medium, using plant-based nutrition to heal chronic illness such as fatigue, autoimmune diseases, liver health, hormonal issues and digestive disorders including Crohn's, colitis and IBS.

She is a speaker and author. Her first book Moving From Fear to Trust is in the works!